Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lil Puppet

My stepfather called me yesterday to tell me that he recently met a woman who was preparing to compete in a rapping puppet show. She was at a party that he and my mom went to. Apparently the woman has been a puppeteer for a long time and her puppet is a 9-foot-long snake made of fabric and papier-mache.

Now, I assume this is how the event unfolds: ventriloquists and other puppeteering hobbyists get together with their puppets, and make all the puppets rap, using the format of an MC battle. The thing is ("This is maddening!" he said), my stepfather didn't know where or when the battle was going to be held, only that it was in New York. He claimed the snake-puppet lady "got away from him" before he could quiz her on the details.

I'm sorry I don't have more information about this.


Ranger said...

Damnation! Now I would like to start up the CoMO version of this event, although I'd probably be the only person in town who'd show up, let alone compete. Which means I would kick ass and take names!

Kim said...

You sure this wasn't one of your dreams?