Monday, September 21, 2009

Sittin' and Thinkin'

I just realized that I was sitting in the exact same pose as Rodin's Thinker. It made me remember the animation of the Thinker at the beginning of Mr. Wizard's World where the statue has a thought balloon above his head with a light bulb in it and is saying, "Hmm... hmm... a-ha!" and when he says "a-ha!" the light bulb turns on.

If I post BPGOIT today it will have to wait until the evening, as today is jam-packed with activities. Just an FYI.

I'm working on one new essay and one new story. I like them both but I'm also staring down the barrel of an extremely busy two weeks (that is two barrels, I guess), and I doubt I'll be able to finish either one before those weeks end. It pisses me off. However, I'm grateful for all the work and the social-butterflyness, which feel appropriate for the beginning of fall. Right?


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