Friday, October 23, 2009

The 3 Things I Learned Today From The Appliance Repairman Who Was Here

1. A "circuit breaker" is not the same thing as a "fuse."

2. The broken part in my dishwasher is called a "drain impeller."

3. There is a Christian dance party named "The Gate" happening tonight at Times Square Church.


Benjamax said...
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Ben said...

Hello there Amanda, this is Ben Karak. We met last night at the post-record fair gathering. I Googled you and you were auto-filled three letters into your last name. More people are looking for you than calling Amandas Nazis. Exciting!

I read your pindeldyboz story first. You are good at writing about romance/relationships/people. Keep in mind, I think Punch Drunk Love and Sid & Nancy are romantic. Your stories feel very honest. I submitted to pindeldyboz when I was younger. No acceptances. Made me feel bad. No one told me that most sixteen year olds are poor writers. Would have helped then!

I saw a guy get caught for purportedly trying to sneak into a movie with his wife. THEY WERE IN THEIR 50’S (It was not my dad and his gf. They have yet to get caught). The guy was arguing with a ticket taker and demanded to speak with a manager. I was down the hallway and heard less and less as I moved closer and closer to Extract (I saw it alone!). Then I hear, “Do you want me to call the fucking cops?!” The guy said yes. He’s an idiot. What is his life like, I wonder.

I find your writing style delightful and your content a pleasure to digest.

Your email is not on here. I am not on facebook, myspace, or twitter, so I’m leaving this as a comment. You can delete this after you read it since, hey, it is an email in your comments.

Looking forward to moar,


Amanda said...

I choose not to delete this, because it's such a good read. Thank you, Ben!

Dammit, I love the record fair so much.

sneha said...

i learned from my boyfriend that you are not supposed to use the scratchy side of the sponge on shiny stainless steel surfaces.

i felt like it was related.