Monday, November 23, 2009

Post Office Days

1. Went to the post office carrying a lot of different parts of an application, as well as a huge ginormo envelope I had just bought at Duane Reade.

2. Exited the post office to find a stapler. The woman behind the counter at Bookculture, the bookstore directly next door, had one. I stapled my documents.

3. Stuffed application form and manuscripts into the envelope haphazardly. Everything got kind of bunched up (not literally wrinkled, but would have arrived at the place creased and unprofessional-looking). Took everything out, sat on floor of post office, replaced everything. Sealed the envelope.

4. Realized that the address I needed to write on the envelope was on a piece of paper that was now now inside it. Used 411 lookup and called the organization while standing in line. Found that nobody was in the office.

5. Called my friend Alison Klein, who can be counted on to be near a computer and with whom I don't have a complicated relationship. She looked up the address and gave it to me.

I feel totally awesome now.



joem said...

Hurray! But... no visit to Joe. ;[

Amanda said...

Trust me, you would not have wanted one. I think I had a tornado for a head.

Amanda B. said...

I thought you were going to tell us about how the post office has stopped offering package-senders complimentary tape, conveniently the same week that they removed the self-stick goop from the boxes and cardstock mailers they sell. They make you buy tape!! Bastards.

Anonymous said...

What a dramatic life you lead!! lol. happy thanksgiving, amanda.
Kate Ludick

Amanda said...

And to you, RattlesKate! It's great to hear from you again.