Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Things That Have Me In It

1. Impromptu conversation between 'Shlay and myself on her show You Can Take It With You. (Begins roughly 1/4 of the way through.)

2. Video I made this past summer to promote my van project, for which I learned how to use iMovie.

3. SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 25. I was so proud of this this year!

4. The Ding Dong Lounge later tonight. To ring in 2010, you silly.

5. 2010 itself.

2009 was a year of hard work that I look forward to seeing the fruits of in 2010. I had roommates, walked bunches of dogs, stayed in other people's homes. Eventually I found a new job and sank my teeth all into it. I DJed -- oh boy, did I DJ. Perhaps I DJed too much. Still and all, I'm satisfied with having worked my tail off. (I almost just wrote something there about having had a vestigial tail and now that it's completely off, being 100% human. Should I leave that in?)

I celebrated Mikey Solomon's marriage. WFMU, my favorite cultural institution, became a bigger part of my life as I started to volunteer there regularly and visit with staff. My li'l sister, upon graduating college, finally made me realize how alike we are, how much fun we are going to have together now that we are both adults. I went to Princeton to pester Amanda B. a couple of times. I went to Chicago to help Vern sell books about Nelson Algren, meet inspiring minds, and reconnect with lovely writerfriends. I joined Twitter, which was ridiculous. God, I used a lot of public transit. I went to rock shows that I didn't drink so much at that I forgot any detail of them. Many people made me glad. How many is "many"? I'm going to say about twenty-five.

That is a pretty high number if you understand how difficult it is to make anyone glad; how much we all struggle to attain gladness and see ourselves in the faces of others. Thank you so much, those people, and best wishes for a wonderful healthy New Year filled with love.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Four-Day Workweek

Tuesday is like Friday for me, because I have off on Wednesday. But then, since I go back to work on Thursday and then work through Saturday, Friday is a little like Tuesday. Now Saturday -- Saturday is the one that's really like Friday.

Whenever I write musings like the above, the sentiment I want most to close with is, essentially, "Soon I will be dead and none of this will matter."

But that would be wrong, yes? I have a tentative New Year's resolution to stop being saturnine.

Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Housesit

Living "in the middle of it all" during holiday-time has its advantages, even though these dogs shake me down every five minutes for rubber toys stuffed with food. Last night I was able to run to the bookstore and be back in ten. On my way to the bookstore I chanced to meet Jonhayro, who was dressed in a suit and looked less like a bedraggled punk than anyone I have ever known, prompting me to puzzle over why he is still friends with me at all. Though I did not question it aloud. It was great to see him.

This morning aka just now, I swung by the coffee cart on 87th and Broadway which is staffed by my favorite coffee cart guy in the whole neighborhood/city. "I got a new job!" I told him. "That's why you haven't seen me around!" He smirked and replied, "Ah, you brightened my day, so this one is on me." And he gave me a free coffee. Last week, apparently, he gave each customer a free plastic car with a lotto ticket in it.

The dogs are so cute, too, a lot of work tho they be. They are good company.

There is no scanner here. I was going to post a rerun BPGOIT of him standing empty and telling his associates he "just doesn't feel up to it," but didn't, seeing as the drawing did not reflect my mood.


All my love,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nonvisual BPGOIT Toon

The Bipolar Glass of Iced Tea has a mistletoe harness around him. In panel 1, he remarks that the mistletoe harness looks damn good. In panel 2, he goes on to state his belief that it's important to look damn good 'round the Holidays. In panel 3, he says, "Because then you can get luuuu-hu-hu-huuuve." In panel 4, he says "A whole lot. Of it." In panel 5 he does not speak. Panel 6 has him apologizing for being drunk on fruitcake onto which too much rum was poured. FIN

Below, an hilarious portrait of the BPGOIT wearing a mistletoe harness.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today at work I wrote about a countdown show that spotlighted the twenty greatest ads of the decade as chosen by, I assume, a panel of Brits. (I write market research questions about prime-time programming that airs in the UK.) It was fun, and made me think a lot about my friend Bob O'Brien, one of the only people I know who really knows advertising. Back when we worked together as copywriters he taught me a lot about why certain ads work: color schemes, celeb appearances; not just concept. (Of the T-Mobile ads that were airing at the time, I remember him saying, "I don't like Catherine Zeta-Jones doing those -- she 's too famous." And I kind of feel the same way now that Luke Wilson is doing AT&T ads. You know you saw a phone company ad that used Luke Wilson, but you're not sure which company it was, because you were distracted by the spectacle of Luke Wilson.) Anyway, I didn't know many of the ads that were in this countdown and I was happy to learn about them. The one wherein bakers made a car out of cake, for example. And the one where parts of a car (a different one) are a Rube Goldberg device that eventually starts the actual, put-together car. The two ads for a Sony flatscreen that do things with color: one sends thousands of Superballs down an empty San Francisco street; the other makes paint explode all over a drab tenement building.

The ad that won the title, ultimately, of "Ad of the Decade" was for Hovis bread and was an homage to a classic British Hovis ad from the seventies featuring an old-timey delivery boy. For this version they reenacted things that might have happened on streets throughout over a century of history (uniquely English things: celebrating after the 1966 World Cup, carrying belongings after the Blitz, etc.) and ended with the kid coming home to eat bread in his house. This is the ad and this is the classic ad it was based on, directed by Ridley Scott.

Monday, December 14, 2009

True True

I am a fan of the advice column Fxck Feelings. I just read the header before the advice-givin' in their most recent installment, and it put my previous blog entry into perspective in a big way. Luv u, everyone around me who is wonderful and significant. Really.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And To All A Bad Time

Okay, I like the Holidays sort of. I like getting together with my friends and family, to see them, to be comfortable in a festive setting. I do like that. But I do that a lot casually anyway, during the rest of the year. So... yeah.

Around the holidays, I am usually working. This year, as has been the case for the past like five Christmases, I'm going to be looking after a couple of dogs in a fancy apartment. Please note: I enjoy doing this. But it's hard; it demands a lot of my time and attention. I won't also have a lot of time to go out and meet all the friends and family members who are clamoring to unwind Holiday-style with me. And of course, this is pathetic and makes me feel sad. It makes me feel like I have a weird life that other people don't understand.

Also, during the Holidays (I don't know if you were aware of this or not, but just FYI) a lot of money is spent. So during this time when everyone else is running around with giant bags from American Girl Place and Macy's and shit, I'm all like, "I love you! Here's a mix CD I made that doesn't have very good sound quality!"

And relatives always want to know things. (Again: you, reader, may have already been aware that this goes on.) They want to know what my plans are and whether I am ever going to move up in the world. This is information I can't give them right now.

So, yeah. I'm inclined to hide and not see anyone this Holiday Season. What I'd rather do is take advantage of the relative quietness in the work sphere and be by myself, maybe write a little, draw a little. But of course I won't, since that would be improper.

In summary: Ughhh. Even though I DO love you, and I WILL make you that shitty mix CD. Do you see what I'm saying here?