Sunday, December 13, 2009

And To All A Bad Time

Okay, I like the Holidays sort of. I like getting together with my friends and family, to see them, to be comfortable in a festive setting. I do like that. But I do that a lot casually anyway, during the rest of the year. So... yeah.

Around the holidays, I am usually working. This year, as has been the case for the past like five Christmases, I'm going to be looking after a couple of dogs in a fancy apartment. Please note: I enjoy doing this. But it's hard; it demands a lot of my time and attention. I won't also have a lot of time to go out and meet all the friends and family members who are clamoring to unwind Holiday-style with me. And of course, this is pathetic and makes me feel sad. It makes me feel like I have a weird life that other people don't understand.

Also, during the Holidays (I don't know if you were aware of this or not, but just FYI) a lot of money is spent. So during this time when everyone else is running around with giant bags from American Girl Place and Macy's and shit, I'm all like, "I love you! Here's a mix CD I made that doesn't have very good sound quality!"

And relatives always want to know things. (Again: you, reader, may have already been aware that this goes on.) They want to know what my plans are and whether I am ever going to move up in the world. This is information I can't give them right now.

So, yeah. I'm inclined to hide and not see anyone this Holiday Season. What I'd rather do is take advantage of the relative quietness in the work sphere and be by myself, maybe write a little, draw a little. But of course I won't, since that would be improper.

In summary: Ughhh. Even though I DO love you, and I WILL make you that shitty mix CD. Do you see what I'm saying here?


joem said...

I dig. I'm sort of doing the same thing, myself, except minus the dogs. I'm not visiting my family. I might hang out with friends, though, if any are around and want to hang out with me. Otherwise: hiding.

Amanda said...

This is good news! Let me know if you want to come over and meet the dogs.

Amanda B. said...

all i learned from this is that i get a mix cd! sweeeeeeet!

i'm just kidding. i totally understand, esp as someone who had to work the night before and morning after xmas for about nine bazillion years. and also as someone who is never moving up in the world.

Mark Reep said...

Me too, all you said, thanks :) Expect a lot of us can relate. Have a good one, however you spend it. All best.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Mark! Happiest of holidays to you, too, and I am glad you checked in. :)