Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Housesit

Living "in the middle of it all" during holiday-time has its advantages, even though these dogs shake me down every five minutes for rubber toys stuffed with food. Last night I was able to run to the bookstore and be back in ten. On my way to the bookstore I chanced to meet Jonhayro, who was dressed in a suit and looked less like a bedraggled punk than anyone I have ever known, prompting me to puzzle over why he is still friends with me at all. Though I did not question it aloud. It was great to see him.

This morning aka just now, I swung by the coffee cart on 87th and Broadway which is staffed by my favorite coffee cart guy in the whole neighborhood/city. "I got a new job!" I told him. "That's why you haven't seen me around!" He smirked and replied, "Ah, you brightened my day, so this one is on me." And he gave me a free coffee. Last week, apparently, he gave each customer a free plastic car with a lotto ticket in it.

The dogs are so cute, too, a lot of work tho they be. They are good company.

There is no scanner here. I was going to post a rerun BPGOIT of him standing empty and telling his associates he "just doesn't feel up to it," but didn't, seeing as the drawing did not reflect my mood.


All my love,

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