Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Things That Have Me In It

1. Impromptu conversation between 'Shlay and myself on her show You Can Take It With You. (Begins roughly 1/4 of the way through.)

2. Video I made this past summer to promote my van project, for which I learned how to use iMovie.

3. SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 25. I was so proud of this this year!

4. The Ding Dong Lounge later tonight. To ring in 2010, you silly.

5. 2010 itself.

2009 was a year of hard work that I look forward to seeing the fruits of in 2010. I had roommates, walked bunches of dogs, stayed in other people's homes. Eventually I found a new job and sank my teeth all into it. I DJed -- oh boy, did I DJ. Perhaps I DJed too much. Still and all, I'm satisfied with having worked my tail off. (I almost just wrote something there about having had a vestigial tail and now that it's completely off, being 100% human. Should I leave that in?)

I celebrated Mikey Solomon's marriage. WFMU, my favorite cultural institution, became a bigger part of my life as I started to volunteer there regularly and visit with staff. My li'l sister, upon graduating college, finally made me realize how alike we are, how much fun we are going to have together now that we are both adults. I went to Princeton to pester Amanda B. a couple of times. I went to Chicago to help Vern sell books about Nelson Algren, meet inspiring minds, and reconnect with lovely writerfriends. I joined Twitter, which was ridiculous. God, I used a lot of public transit. I went to rock shows that I didn't drink so much at that I forgot any detail of them. Many people made me glad. How many is "many"? I'm going to say about twenty-five.

That is a pretty high number if you understand how difficult it is to make anyone glad; how much we all struggle to attain gladness and see ourselves in the faces of others. Thank you so much, those people, and best wishes for a wonderful healthy New Year filled with love.

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