Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Has Been BS (News)

Various types of BS in life have meant that I haven't been writing or posting for a little while. Please still like me.

My apartment will soon be listed as for rent on a real estate site. I'm extremely anxious about this -- not because I don't want to move, but because it's been a buttlong time that I have lived here and change is naturally scary. Isn't it? I love my apartment. But I'm a grown-ass woman who deserves to live and write in her own non-shared place, which she can afford, an't I? A: Yes. The move will be exciting, when it does finally occur.

I'm reading some books. A book I began reading is entitled Born To Be Good by Dacher Keltner. My godfather gave it to me for my birthday. It's not a literature book; it's a social science book. A literature book I began reading is two books in one, called Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West. It is/they are lovely and frightening. That one I borrowed from the "lending library" on Greene Street (just a bookshelf sitting out on the sidewalk with instructions taped to it) and will have to return when I'm done with it.

Earlier today I found a cartoon I drew a couple of years ago of two bunnies looking at each other. The first bunny is saying, "Happiness is a choice, Jason!" Above the second bunny's head is a thought balloon that says, "Trust-fund bitch."

I just watched a Netflix Instant View of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. I found it soothing and got nostalgic for when I used to stay up late in high school and watch that show while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I now feel I should make the end credits music of MST3K my bed music for when I talk during Nazario Scenario once, just to try it.

There is a Netflix DVD that just came of some Futuramas, but it's dirty and won't play. I'm going to try washing it gently like they say you're supposed to.

FINALLY: There has been some dining out with Helen and Diana, both lovely ladies of whom treated me to meals for my birthday.

I love those ladies.


kevinmarshall said...

I just realized that while you were staying up late in High School watching MST3K with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, I was about a mile away doing the same. Except I was eating the Price Chopper brand my mother bought.

Consider my mind blown.

Amanda said...

In high school you think you're the only person in the world... yes, I'd fight sleep in order to get all the way through it. Same with the Kids in the Hall.

kevinmarshall said...

Yes! And, a few years after, I did the same with Mr. Show with Bob and David.

Lawrence said...

Huh, I thought you liked watching dirty videos...!

Now you've gone and made ME nostalgic for MST3K! Ah sweet, sweet Netflix.

Moving every few years is good for the soul, helps keep down the clutter.

You must scan and post the trust fund bunny cartoon!

That is all.

Mark Reep said...

Bunnies. Must see bunnies :)

Amanda said...

The bunny cartoon was really large and won't fit in my scanner! My new thing is to explain the cartoons verbally, thus draining them of any comedic value.

Helen Chi said...

Is it better than the drawing you drew of me on a date with a robot?

Amanda said...

Nothing is better than that! Although I really should draw you on a date with a cute boy.

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