Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There's probably a lot to say as I pack up most of the books, drawings, tapes, handwritten notes, etc. I've accumulated in the past ten years, throwing about 20% of them away. I just don't have time to say it all right now. I will ask: when and why did I make this?


Kim said...

I like the mysterious disappearing horizon. Is that a star you're grabbing? When we finally get that blog going for Josh Urso Design, I have some amusing early furniture designs to post. They would be Josh's work of course. None of my early designs would ever be considered "amusing".

Amanda said...

Yes! A star. That must be why my hand doesn't fully close around it. Did your early furniture designs have legs that were uneven? That would be hilarious.

La Sneha said...

are you looking for a chiffarobe, or someone to cut one up for you? bc if so, you can find them at crate and barrel this season!