Thursday, March 25, 2010

Upper right kitchen cabinet contents, 1999 - 2010

5 phone chargers
Dale Earnhardt Jr. car-shaped air freshener
3 pairs of headphones
"Coby" brand portable CD player
Charger for a PalmPilot
Canister of zip-ties for fastening a bike onto a car rack
Talking Mr. T keychain
A box of Whip-its
Charger for a beard trimmer
Bitter apple spray to discourage puppies from chewing furniture
A toaster
Birthday candles shaped like PBR cans
Mini-screwdriver set
"Silvo" brand silver polish
2 packets of toothpicks
A keg pump
A small stockpile of canned food, from when I assumed the end of the world was coming

I discarded all but three of these items. Can you guess which ones?


Kim said...

Impressive stash! I can't think of a clever selection of items you could have kept but you had me amused for quite a while imagining why you would have saved some of the items. Welcome to JC!

youhana said...


Amanda said...

Now that all this time has passed, I am at liberty to say: I kept the toaster, the keg pump, and the Mr. T keychain.