Saturday, December 11, 2010

Word Twist Thoughts, Part LVII

Word Twist is a game you can play on Facebook, my proficiency in which I like to use as intellectual currency in some of my friendships. Should I hesitate to call these people "friends"? Anyway, I play Word Twist so much that there are a bunch of words I score with in Word Twist whose meanings have remained, nevertheless, unknown to me. Today is the day my lazy ass looks up all those words so I can a.) become smarter and b.) feel like I did something today. Most importantly, this will probably indirectly contribute to my getting better at Word Twist. And here they are.


BEY: (n.) a provincial governor in the Ottoman Empire.

GAR: (n.) Also called garfish, garpike. any predaceous freshwater fish of the genus Lepisosteus, of North America, covered with hard, diamond-shaped scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth.

HOD: (n.) I'm actually embarrassed I didn't know this one -- a hod is the same thing as a coal scuttle. I mean, you know what THAT is, of course.

NETT: (adj.) This is an alternate spelling of "net" as in "net profits."

RANI: (n.) (in India) 1. the wife of a rajah. 2. a reigning queen or princess.

SETT: (n.) 1. Also called pitcher. a small, rectangular paving stone. 2. Also called stake. a hand-held tool that is struck by a hammer to shape or deform a metal object. 3. Also, set. the distinctively colored pattern of crisscrossed lines and stripes against a background in which a Scottish tartan is woven. <-- WINNER, MOST INFURIATING WORD

SOH: (n.) music (in tonic sol-fa) the name used for the fifth note or dominant of any scale. <-- ALSO INFURIATING; EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS SPELLED "SOL"

TOLE: (n.) enameled or lacquered metalware, usually with gilt decoration, often used, esp. in the 18th century, for trays, lampshades, etc.

UMBEL: (n.) Botany. an inflorescence in which a number of flower stalks or pedicels, nearly equal in length, spread from a common center.


Steve said...

I love this post. In gratitude, I've been performing horribly against you at Word Twist all day.

Amanda said...

Wow, you really ARE grateful.

Steve said...

Seriously. Catastrophically grateful.

Steve said...

Like, grateful unto cognitive deficiency, apparently.

juleesing1 said...

I knew tole, rani (crosswords use this one all the time!) and "soh", but I'm a singer and have only ever seen is spelled "sol". Do, re mi fa sol la ti do. Not "sol".

However, on, only "soh" comes up as "the name used for the fifth note or dominant of any scale", whereas "sol" comes up with "sun", and "so" as "to a degree", or "thus", so I guess "soh" is the correct spelling. Very strange.

Amanda B. said...

I can't believe you didn't know all those words. No wonder you always lose to Steve and me.

Amanda said...

Don't be stupid, you know I never lose to Steve.

Amanda B. said...


Steve said...

You know what hubris gets you?

Amanda said...

Sorry -- did this have something to do with your losing the last two games?

Steve said...

Never mind those. No, I refer to beating you the two before that. I had to move quickly to exploit the extremely narrow gloating window when it presented itself.