Saturday, January 17, 2015

Birthday Wishes

This year, I wish for an abundance of money -- a suitcase full of money would be good, but if that's not possible I will settle for continued steady income and continued great relationships with my pet care clients, all of whom I value very highly and feel grateful to have. Also I would like to win at slots.

I wish for a good reputation and to be thought well of by my friends, peers, and potential mentors for my smartness, interestingness, and general competence. Maybe I should amend that to just: I wish to be considered competent by everybody.

In the past few years my relationship with pop music ("records") and the study thereof has grown deeper. I wish for my appreciation of records, songs, sides, artists, rock biographies, picture sleeves, hooks, grooves, etc. to continue to bring me happiness. Whether or not there's a career for me in music (and I have no reason to believe there is, nor did I ever), I want to always love it.

I wish for an audience with a variety of small pigs, small goats/lambs, bunnies and other small tame rodents, and other small and cute animals.

I love my friends, my family, and the nice man I share an apartment with. One great wish of mine is to show these people how much I appreciate them; to do as much as I can to deserve and keep their love, because they've made my life very good and they should be reminded of that. This does not go for our cats, who can go F themselves.

Most of all, this year I want to put art into the world. Stories, essays, drawings, song parodies, Sculpey statues; whatever. Whatever it takes to do it, this year I want to do it more and better. I want to do it the best.


S.K. Azoulay said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope most of your wishes come true (that fourth point is kind of weird).

The world needs more of your art.

Amanda said...

"Kind of weird." HOW DARE YOU DEPRIVE ME OF PETTING SMALL ANIMALS??? Thanks, Shay! It is nice to hear from you!

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