Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Idea: Change Rock Music from Guitar-Centric to Accordion-Centric By Going Back in Time

Go back in time and ensure somehow that accordions are made cool and mainstream. Next, return to present day and enjoy accordion-based early rock 'n' roll, classic rock, and more! Starting with Chuck Berry duck-walking as he plays the accordion. Bob Dylan plays accordion and sings "Blowin' in the Wind." Newport Folk Fest footage of many folk singers convening and carrying their accordions. Beatles on Ed Sullivan in suits wiggling their heads while playing accordions. Jimi Hendrix kneeling and gesturing before his burning accordion after setting it on fire onstage. Image of Eddie Van Halen strutting onto stage, grinning and hoisting accordion. KISS in full makeup and with accordions. Imagine a Stooges song like TV Eye conceived and played on the accordion: how to achieve the same blistering, savage sound and could it even be done? (Yes) Album cover of London Calling has Paul Simonon splay-legged and bent over about to smash his accordion. (ASIDE: Would rock stars be less often wiry/skinny or at least have bigger arms because accordions are so heavy?) Intricate and technically brilliant accordion solos by Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Rick Nielsen with five-headed checkerboard accordion. OR MAYBE these people, not preternaturally gifted to play accordion, would never be famous at all??? Biggest rock star of all time is Tom Waits? Weird Al Yankovic non-comedic balladeer a la, say, Dan Fogelberg? MUCH more recognition for Flaco Jimenez of the Texas Tornadoes etc. Whole world different. This is just an idea that a group of us started talking about this past New Year's Eve, but we can discuss it more if desired. Certainly it is something to think about.

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