Friday, June 17, 2016


It is Friday at Happy Hour time and I'm in a frustrated mood. I'm frustrated that Happy Hour time on a Friday is the first time all week that I've had sufficient time to work on my writing, and I'm frustrated that the first thing I did when I came home was sleep even though I NEEDED TO SLEEP. My schedule is busy, but is it really SO busy that my writing efforts have to fall by the wayside all the time? (Do I like or hate that I always seem to say "fall by the wayside" when talking about this?) In many ways my daily life is enviable. I love my work hours, the work itself, and the satisfaction I derive from doing my radio show. But walking dogs is physically tiring, there is always housework to do, and when Matt and I are together (we are together relatively little, due to our erratic schedules) I want to be fully present whenever possible. The solution must be getting up earlier in the morning and writing a lot before 12PM. For years I've known this. So why does it so often prove completely impossible? WHY WHY WHY????? OK, time to stop blogging and wash the dishes, but before I do that, a prayer...

Universe, please bestow upon me a greater physical and mental robustness so that my intellect does not shrivel and die. Rather, I would like my mind to routinely express my thoughts clearly to a broad audience. I will need more energy, in order to do this. But let me do it happily, not angrily in a cantankerous grumpy mood like my current one. Thank you Amen.

PS: here is what I want to write when I have more energy and am not in a cranky mood:
Simpsons stuff
The rest of my memoir which rules
Revised short stories that haven't been published yet
A novel, though I want to do this less
A Lovin' Spoonful biopic screenplay
Monkees stuff
Articles and thinkpieces about my lifestyle
Hilarious jokes

Thank you again, and I hope this has been entertaining goodbye for now

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